Things I Overheard While Exhibiting At MCM Manchester

"Like a Normandy beach of cosplay"

"He went full Sonic. Never go full Sonic"


"When I draw a fish it looks like a cloud" 

"Have you drawn these?" 

"Did you draw these?"

"You didn’t draw these did you?"

"This is the best booth in the place"
"No, there’s better ones over there"

"WOW I love your style!"
<walks away as fast as possible>

"This is what it’s about though, COMICS, it’s ‘comic’ con. You just like toys" 

"Fuck that primary-coloured fucboi!"

"So what are you gonna do after all this comic stuff?"

"Home Stuck? More like …SHIT Stuck!" 

"I know that Tardis!"

somethingsimpler7 asked:
Yo. I am the 'woo' chick from facebook. I've got a boy girl poster from 2012 and I was really mad at myself for forgetting to bring it back last year so I could ask you to sign it again so would it be cool if I brought it along on Saturday?

Hey, Woo Chick. Yup, that’s totally fine! I’m quite flattered you still have it. If there’s anything you want signed, just bring it by the table and I’ll sign it.

Assuming it’s like something I actually made, and not a photo of John Snow or whatever. 

I would totally sign that anyway.